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Jeremy Ledger to give Brown Bag Lecture

Image from ‘Alī ibn Aḥmad al-Sharafī al-Ṣifāqsī’s 1571 atlas. It is a map of the Kaʿba in Mecca surrounded by the lands of Islam and though inaccurate, it was intended to instruct Muslim users on the proper direction (toward the Kaʿba) to face during prayer.

This Friday, November 3, 2107 Jeremy Ledger (IRH Solmsen Fellow) will be presenting his talk "Sacred Geographies: the Atlases of 'Ali al-Sharafi (fl. 1551-1579)" as part of the History of Science Brown Bag Series. For more information on Jeremy's talk, and the location, click here

(Image credit: from ‘Alī ibn Aḥmad al-Sharafī al-Ṣifāqsī’s 1571 atlas (Bodleian Library, Oxford, MS. Marsh 294, folio 4b).)