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IRH Fellowships

The Institute awards some 40-45 stipendary and non-stipendary fellowships to internal and external applicants each year. The College of Letters and Science and generous gifts to the Institute fund Institute fellowships. Institute fellowships are open to applicants in any discipline or field whose project has clear significance for the humanities. Most Institute fellowships are not limited by theme or research area, with the exception of the external Solmsen Fellowships for projects on pre-1700 Europe, the external Kingdon Fellowship on Judeo-Christian religious traditions, and the internal Race, Ethnicity, and Indigeneity Fellowships.

Fellowships are awarded across the humanities, at all ranks, and to independent scholars based on the significance of proposed research, the record and potential of applicants, and the promise of interdisciplinary engagement in the Institute’s intellectual community. The Institute is a member of the Consortium of Humanities Centers and Institutes (CHCI) and can serve as a residency site for ACLS fellows as part of the CHCI and American Council of Learned Societies (ACLS) partnership. The Institute also welcomes scholars with other grants or funding to apply for non-stipendary Honorary Fellowships.

Institute fellows are expected to attend the weekly Monday seminars and, schedule permitting, to make a seminar presentation. The weekly follow-up Tuesday lunch seminars and the many institute symposia, lectures, conferences, lectures, and workshops are available for Institute fellows as time and interest warrant. Fellows have access to all UW-Madison libraries and campus facilities, email/internet access, office space at the Institute (if available), photocopying, mailbox, and assistance from Institute staff.

The UW-Madison Libraries offer a world-class library system with over 7.3 million printed volumes, many distinguished collections, and millions of resources in journals, databases, microfilms, government documents, etc. For more detailed information about the library collections, contact Susan Barribeau, the Humanities Librarian at the UW-Madison Memorial Library. The Wisconsin Historical Society is a national depository of books and papers in American history and culture, a major resource for Americanists in the humanities.