L’Histoire de France, Tome III (1561-1562)

Cover of Book
Mellet (Co-editor), P.-A., O. Turias (Co-editor), and D. Turrel (Co-editor). L’Histoire De France, Tome III (1561-1562). Genève, Switzerland: Libraire Droz, 2019.

IRH Fellow:
Paul-Alexis Mellet, 2018-2019 Solmsen Fellow

This text presents the third volume of The History of France by La Popelinière, published in 1581, focuses on the two crucial years of 1561 and 1562 that saw the outbreak of the Wars of Religion. The critical notes contained within this text are mainly concerned, as in previous volumes, with finding the sources used and to shed light on the work of recomposition and neutralization of the historian in these sources.