IRH Announces UW-Madison Faculty Fellows for 2020-2021

IRH Director Steven Nadler is pleased to announce the UW-Madison Faculty Fellow cohort for 2020-2021:

Resident Fellows

  • Monique Allewaert. English, UW-Madison. Luminescence: Insect Knowledges, Power, and the Literary: 1705-1814
  • Giuliana Chamedes. History, UW-Madison. Failed Globalists: Decolonization, the Movement for Global Economic Justice, and the Decline of European Welfare States, 1973-1993
  • Kathryn Ciancia. History, UW-Madison. Consular Powers: Citizenship and Polishness on the World Stage, 1900-1950
  • Lisa H. Cooper. English, UW-Madison. Ars Vivendi: The Poetics of Practicality in Late Medieval England
  • Steve Ridgely. Asian Languages and Cultures, UW-Madison. Japanese Kitsch: A Cultural Study in Three Towers
  • Claire Taylor. History, UW-Madison. A Feminist Economic History of the Ancient Greek World
  • Kate Vieira. Curriculum and Instruction, UW-Madison. Writing for Peace in Colombia: A Literacy Ethnography

Race, Ethnicity, and Indigeneity Fellows

  • Susan Robinson. School of Journalism & Mass Communication, UW-Madison. Trusting Journalists: How Identities and Structures Matter in the Newswork of a Polarized, Multicultural World
  • Monica M White. Nelson Institute for Environmental Studies, UW-Madison. We Stayed: Agriculture and Activism of Black Families Who Kept the Land

The full 2020-2021 IRH Fellow list will be announced at the end of the Spring semester.