Former Fellows and Directors

Historic Former Fellows List*

*This list was created before the IRH website and only contains fellow names, fellowship years, and fellowship type.

Black and white image of Washburn Observatory
Washburn Observatory, home to IRH from 1959 until 2007

Former Staff

Former IRH Directors 1959-2018

Ullrich Langer

Ullrich Langer

Department: French and Italian
Years as Director: 2017-2018 Interim Director

Emeritus Page

portrait image of Tejumola Olaniyan

Tejumola Olaniyan

Department: English and African Languages and Literature
Years as Director: 2011-2012 Interim Director


Memorial Page

Susan Friedman

Susan Stanford Friedman

Department: English and Gender and Women’s Studies
Years as Director: 2007-2017


David Sorkin

David Sorkin

Department: History and Center for Jewish Studies
Years as Director: 2003-2007

Yale Page

David Lindberg

David C. Lindberg

Department: History of Science
Years as Director: 2002-2003


Sally BanesSally Banes

Department: Dance
Years as Director: 2001-2002


Paul BoyerPaul S. Boyer

Department: History
Years as Director: 1993-2001

David LindbergDavid C. Lindberg

Department: History of Science
Years as Director: 1987-1993

Robert KingdonRobert M. Kingdon

Department: History
Years as Director: 1975-1987

Emmett BennettEmmett L. Bennett

Department: Classics
Years as Director: 1974-1975 Interim Director

David CrononE. David Cronon

Department: History
Years as Director: 1969-1974

Emmett BennettEmmett L. Bennett

Department: Classics
Years as Director: 1968-1969

Kenneth SettonKenneth M. Setton

Department: History
Years as Director: 1965-1968

Germaine BréeGermaine Brée

Department: French and Italian
Years as Director: 1964-1965

Marshall ClagettMarshall Clagett

Department: History of Science
Years as Director: 1959-1964