2021 Summer Humanities Research Fellows

IRH and Director Steven Nadler is pleased to announce the 8 UW-Madison faculty members that were selected as the Summer Humanities Research Fellowship (SHRF) cohort for 2021. Funded by the College of Letters & Science and the Office of Vice Chancellor for Research and Graduate Education (OVCRGE), the SHRF program and workshop support tenured faculty at the University of Wisconsin-Madison in pursuing their “next big project” in the humanities. Over the course of the summer, these fellowships provide support for the cohort’s new book projects or articles.

2021 SHRF Fellows

  • Monique Alleqaert. English, UW-Madison. Book project: Luminescence Insect Knowledge, Power, and the Literary: 1705-1814
  • Keisha Lindsay. Department of Gender and Women’s Studies and Department of Political Science, UW-Madison. Book project: Black Ladies and the Art of Resistance: Intellectuals, Athletes, and Beauty Queens
  • Sarah A. Moore. Geography, UW-Madison. Book project: Refuse and Refusal: Making Sense of the Wasteocene with Lacan and Marx
  • Jennifer Nelson. Department of Art History, UW-Madison. Book project: Document and Experience: Artifice at the Borders of Late Renaissance Christendom
  • Brenda Plummer. History, UW-Madison. Book project: Jim Crow Flies
  • Jennifer A. Pruitt. Department of Art History, UW-Madison. Book project: Inheriting an Islamic Golden Age: Globalism, National Identity, and Islamic Art History in the Architecture of the Arabian Gulf
  • Mark Vareschi. English, UW-Madison. Book project: Figures of Surveillance
  • Sarah Ann Wells. English, UW-Madison. Book project: Strike!: Film Form and Global Cinema