Full List of IRH SHRF Fellows 2022

2022 IRH SHRF Fellows

IRH director Steven Nadler is pleased to announce that 7 UW–Madison faculty members have been selected as the Summer Humanities Research Fellows for 2022. Funded by the College of Letters & Science and the Office of Vice Chancellor for Research and Graduate Education (OVCRGE), the SHRF program and workshop support tenured faculty at the University of Wisconsin–Madison in pursuing their “next big project” in the humanities. Over the course of the summer, these fellowships provide support for the cohort’s new book projects or articles.

  • Heather Willis Allen (Department of French & Italian), “A Design Orientation to Second Language Writing Instruction”
  • Joshua Armstrong (Department of French & Italian), “The Sedimentary Sentiment: Extinction, Ecology, and the Geological Absurd”
  • Sarah Anne Carter (Center for Design and Material Culture, School of Human Ecology), “Museum Feelings: An Emotional History of the American Museum”
  • Juan F. Egea (Department of Spanish & Portuguese), “The Production of Crisis Images: Meltdowns, Borders, and Visuality in Contemporary Spain”
  • Monica Kim (Department of History), “The World that Hunger Made: The Koreas, the United States, and Afro-Asia”
  • Marcelo Pellegrini (Department of Spanish & Portuguese), “The Failure of Poetry”
  • Mary Trotter (English; Interdisciplinary Theatre Studies), “Actresses and Activists: Feminism, Nationalism and Theatricality in Ireland”