Jeremy Phillip Brown Organizes a Panel for the Upcoming Conference of the Association for Jewish Studies

Jeremy Phillip Brown (Kingdon Fellow, 2024-2025) is organizing a panel for the upcoming 55th Annual Conference of the Association for Jewish Studies. The panel is titled “Disputation, Expulsion, Reform, and Mission: Jewish-Christian Entanglements of Isaiah 52-3 (13th-18th C.)” Jeremy Phillip Brown will present on the topic of disputation by analyzing the interconfessional character of the testimony furnished by Nahmanides’s commentary on the key material from Deutero-Isaiah, and its deployment within the literature surrounding the 1263 Barcelona Disputation. The other speakers on the panel are Bruce McCuskey, Níels Páll Eggerz, and Elke Morlok; Magda Teter will chair the panel.