Crossroads of Ideas: What is Morality?

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Wisconsin Institute for Discovery, DeLuca Forum
@ 7:00 pm - 8:30 pm

This is an image of a street sign. Pointing in one direction a green sign reads "right" pointing in the other direction a red sign reads "wrong."

The Crossroads of Ideas program is again teaming up with the Institute for Research in the Humanities for their five-part lecture series that examines philosophical and scientific approaches to big topics, from free will to happiness to morality and more.

Is morality a human construct, of divine origin or neither? How can we design a “recipe for moral action” to align our actions with our values and with evolving societal norms? Wisconsin Public Radio’s Anne Strainchamps will moderate this final installment of the Big Questions miniseries.

Join us as UW-Madison philosopher Russ Shafer-Landau and Cornell University psychologist Daniel Casasanto explore the essence of morality.

Crossroads of Ideas events are free and open to the public. 

Crossroads of Ideas is a public lecture series held monthly on Tuesday evenings during the academic year that addresses challenging and engaging social science topics such as politics, policy issues, ethics, public perceptions, law and science and society. The series is supported by the Morgridge Institute for Research, UW–Madison and the Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation (WARF). The media partner for Crossroads of Ideas is The Cap Times. Funding for the “Big Questions” series comes from the Burdick-Vary Fund at the Institute for Research in the Humanities and the College of Letters & Science.