Incoming Fellows for 2015-2016

The Institute for Research in the Humanities is pleased to announce its incoming fellows for severals internal fellowships (Senior Fellowships; Resident Fellowships; Race, Ethnicity and Indigeneity Fellowships; Dana-Allen Dissertation Fellowships) for the 2015-2016 academic year.

Incoming Senior Fellows

Steve Stern, History, September 2015 – May 2019
“Latin America at the Movies: Between Human Rights and Social Justice since 1968”

Steven Hutchinson, Spanish and Portuguese, September 2016 – May 2020
“Imagining Africa: Early Modern Iberian Textual Cartographies”

Returning Senior Fellows

Leslie Bow, English and Asian American Studies; Race, Ethnicity, and Indigeneity Senior Fellow, September 2013 – May 2017
“Racist Love: Asian Americans and the Fantasy of Race”

Tomislav Longinović, Slavic Languages and Literature, September 2013 – May 2017
“The Secret of Translation: Emerging Border Cultures”

Steven Nadler, Philosophy, September 2013 – May 2017
“Descartes’s Fable: The Book That Made Philosophy Modern”

Lynn Nyhart, History of Science, September 2014 – May 2018
“The Biological Individual in the Nineteenth Century”

Ronald Radano, Music, September 2013 – May 2017
“The Secret Animation of Black Music”

Louise Young, History, September 2013 – May 2017
“Sociology and the “Social Question” in Prewar Japan”

Yongming Zhou, Anthropology, September 2014 – May 2018
“Chasing Happiness: The Unhappy Life of a Western Ideal in China, 1890-2010”

UW Resident Fellows

Joshua Calhoun, English
“Toward a Natural History of the Book: Animals, Vegetables, and Media in Renaissance England”

Emily Callaci, History
“Ujamaa Urbanists: History, Urban Culture and the Politics of Authenticity in Socialist Tanzania”

Jennifer Gipson, French and Italian
“Phantom Storytellers: A Literary History of Folklore in Nineteenth-Century France”

Christina Greene, Afro-American Studies
“She Ain’t No Rosa Parks: Feminism, Black Power and Mass Incarceration Politics in the 1970s Joan Little Rape-Murder Case”

Daniel Kapust, Political Science
“A Tale of Two Fears: Lucretius, Hobbes, and the Political Psychology of Anxiety”

Helen Kinsella, Political Science
“Sleeping Soldiers”

Race, Ethnicity, and Indigeneity Fellows

Karma Chávez, Communication Arts
“AIDS Knows No Borders: AIDS Activism and the Rhetoric of Immigration”

Sissel Schroeder, Anthropology; American Indian Studies Program; The Nelson Institute of Environmental Studies; Center for Culture, History and the Environment
“Building Place and People: Materiality, Hibridity, and Community Formation among Ancient Native Americans in the Midcontinent, AD 1000-1600”

Dana-Allen Dissertation Fellows

Victor Lenthe, English
“Agonistic Poetics in the Early Modern Public Sphere: Public Discourse and Disagreement in Early Modern English Literature”

Caitlin Silberman, Art History
“‘I Believe We Shall Be Crows’: Thinking with Birds in British Art and Visual Culture, 1840-1900”

Laura Wen, East Asian Languages & Literature
“Visuals in Power: Archaeology of the Cinema of Colonial Taiwan, 1895-1945”

William Coleman Dissertation Fellow

Molly Laas, History of Science
“From Regimen to Regime: The Social Meaning of Nutrition, 1840-1910”

Kingdon Fellows

Ali Akhtar, Religious Studies/Classical and Medieval Studies, Bates College
“Sultans, Bankers, and the Merchants of Venice: Politics and Commerce in the Early Modern Mediterranean”

Vincent Lloyd, Religion, Syracuse University
“Religion and Mass Incarceration”

Solmsen Fellows

Nathanael Andrade, History, University of Oregon
“From the Roman Mediterranean to India: the Early Movement of Christianity through the Afro-Eurasian World System”

John-Henry Clay, History, Durham University
“Bringers of Light: The Christianisation of Early Medieval Germany under the Carolingians”

Max Harris, Independent Scholar
“Christ on a Donkey: Palm Sunday, Processional Theater, and Blasphemous Pageants”

Andreas Schwab, Classics, Ruprecht-Karls-University of Heidelberg
“Herodotus’ Translation of Foreign Religions”

Sara Trevisan, Arts and Humanities, Brunel University London
“From Noah to King James: Genealogy and the Invention of Britain”

UW System Fellows

S. Scott Graham, English, UW-Milwaukee
“Conflicted: Tracing Industry Influence in Federal Pharmaceuticals Policy”

Xin Huang, Women’s and Gender Studies, UW-Milwaukee
“Gendered Self in the Digital Era: Digital Photography and Auto/biographic Representation”

Annie McClanahan, English, UW-Milwaukee
“Dead Pledges: Debt, Crisis, and 21st Century Culture AND A Cultural History of Microeconomics”

Theodore Martin, English, UW-Milwaukee
“Contemporary Drift: Genre and the Measures of the Present”