Incoming University of Wisconsin Fellows 2017-2018

Senior Fellows

Stephen Kantrowitz, History, Afro-American Studies, American Indian Studies. Citizenship and Civilization: A Ho-Chunk History
Lawrence Shapiro, Philosophy. Bending Science: How Scientists and Christians have Misused Science to Answer the Big Questions
Cherene Sherrard-Johnson, Race, Ethnicity, and Indigeneity Senior Fellow, English. The Specter of Haiti and the Transnational Black Female Subject

UW Resident Fellows

Cindy I-Fen Cheng, History. Race, Immigration, and Urban Poverty: The growth of California’s Skid Rows, 1945-1990
Joseph Dennis, History. Songs to Encourage the Cessation of Litigation: Printing, Orality, and the Legal Knowledge in China, 1595-1949
Jennifer Gaddis, School of Human Ecology, Civil Society & Community Studies. The Labor of Lunch: A New Economics of Care in the American Public Schools
Elizabeth Hennessy, History. On the Back of Tortoises: The Past and Future of Evolution in the Galápagos Islands
Ramzi Fawaz, English. The Shape of Desire: Forms of Women’s and Gay Liberation
Yuhang Li, Art History. Reproducing a Bodhisattva: Women’s Artistic Devotion in Late Imperial China
Michael Titelbaum, Philosophy. Constitutive Points of View
Ethelene Whitmire, Race, Ethnicity, and Indigeneity UW Resident fellow, School of Library and Information Studies. Searching for Utopia: African Americans in Denmark in the 20th Century
Timothy Yu, Race, Ethnicity, and Indigeneity UW Resident fellow, English & Asian American Studies Program.

Dissertation Fellowships

Dana Allen Dissertation Fellows

River Bullock, Art History. Listening to Contemporary Art: Vocality as a Technology of Relation
Kelsey Ihinger, Spanish and Portuguese. External Contemplation: the Anglo-Spanish Relationship (Re)Viewed from an Early Modern Spanish Perspective
Peter Ribic, English. The Development Novel: World Literature and the Political Economy of Growth after 1944

Coleman Dissertation Fellow

Melissa Charenko, History of Science. “The Science of Prophecy?” The Role of Paleo-Disciplines the Face of Anthropogenic Change, 1916-2015


UW System Fellows

Haixia Lan, UW-La Crosse, English. Aristotle and Lao-Zhuang on Rhetoric and Dao. Not to Persuade and Not to Deliberate
Andrey Ivanov, UW-Platteville, History. A Spiritual Revolution: the Reformation and Enlightenment in Early Modern Orthodox Russia
Sandra Moats, UW-Parkside, History. Building a Neutral Nation: America in the 18th century Atlantic
Neil Prendergast, UW-Stevens Point, History and International Studies. American Holidays, American Nature


Solmsen Fellows

Costica Bradatan, Texas Tech University, Philosophy. In Praise of Failure
Mira Green, University of Washington, Classics. Digesting Bodies: Status, Gender, and Mastery in Roman Society and Homes
Jeremy Ledger, University of Michigan, History. Mapping Mediterranean Encounters: Geography and Cartography between the Islamic World and Europe, 1150-1600
Su Fang Ng, Virgina Tech University, English. Literary and Other Lives of Interpreters: Captives, Converts, and Scribes in the Early Modern East Indies
Mali Skotheim, The Warburg Institute, Classics. Radical Dancers: The Rise of Pantomime and the End of Drama in Antiquity
Melissa Vise, New York University, Medieval Studies. The Unruly Tongue: Speech and Violence in Medieval Italy 

Kingdon Fellows

Daniel Hummel, Harvard University, History. A Covenant of the Mind: American Evangelicals, Israel, and the Construction of a Special Relationship
Stephanie Grace Petinos, Hunter College, French. Divine Touch and Relicization within Narrative, Hagiographical and Visual Representations from the Twelfth through the Fifteenth Centuries