New and Returning Fellows 2016-2017

UW Madison Senior Fellows

Leslie Bow
English, Asian American Studies
“Racist Love: Asian Americans and the Fantasy of Race”

Steve Hutchinson
Spanish and Portuguese
“Imagining Africa: Early Modern Iberian Textual Cartographies”

Theresa Kelley
“Reading for the Future”

Tomislav Longinovic
Slavic Languages and Literature
“The Secret of Translation: Emerging Border Cultures”

Steven Nadler
“Descartes’s Fable: The Book That Made Philosophy Modern”

Lynn Nyhart
History of Science
“The Biological Individual in the Nineteenth Century”

Ron Radano
African Cultural Studies
“The Secret Animation of Black Music”

Steve Stern
“Latin America at the Movies: Between Human Rights and Social Justice since 1968”

Louise Young
“Sociology and the ‘Social Question’ in Prewar Japan”

Yongming Zhou
“Chasing Happiness: The Unhappy Life of a Western Ideal in China, 1890-2010”


UW Madison Resident Faculty Fellows

Elizabeth Bearden
“Monstrous Kinds: Body, Space, and Narrative in Renaissance Representations of Disability”

Aparna Dharwadker
“Cosmo-Modernism and the Other Theatre”

Pablo Gomez
Medical History and Bioethics
“Risky Bodies: Race, Disease, and Fungibility in the Seventeenth Century Atlantic”

Anne Hansen
“Fire Burns the Water: Prophesy, Buddhist Millenarianism and Social Violence in Cambodia from the Nineteenth to the Twenty-first Century”

Paola Hernandez
Spanish and Portuguese
“Upstaging Reality, Documenting Life in Theatre and Performance in Latin America”

Kristin Phillips-Court
French and Italian
“Machiavelli’s Tragic Geography”

Jennifer Pruitt
Art History
“Sectarian Identity in the Architecture of the Caliphs (909-1171)”

Mitra Sharafi
“Fear of the False: Medical Jurisprudence in Colonial South Asia”


UW Madison Race, Ethnicity, and Indigeneity Fellows

Lori Lopez
Communication Arts
“Gendered Dynamics in Hmong American New Media Cultures”

Larry Nesper
“Elaborate Charades: The Dispossession of the Lake Superior Mixed-Bloods and the Racial Transformation of the Western Great Lakes”


Dana-Allen Dissertation Fellows

John Boonstra
“Mandatory Protection: Paternalist Ideology and Imperial Encounters between France and Lebanon, 1900-1930”

Julia Dauer
“Natural History and First-Person Prose in Early America, 1783-1830”

Andrew Zolides
Communication Arts
“Cult of Personalities: The Influence Economy of Digital Culture”


William Coleman Dissertation Fellow

Nicholas Jacobson
History of Science
“The Ends and the Means: Trans-Mediterranean Networks of Calculation and the Development of a Legal Theory of Proportion (1215-1315)”


UW Madison System Fellows

Sukanya Banerjee
English, UW-Milwaukee
“Loyalty and the Making of the Modern”

Joshua Mabie
English, UW-Whitewater 
“Nineteenth-Century American Writing and the Desolation of the Holy Land”

Dana Oswald
English, UW-Parkside
“Anglo-Saxon Maternal Bodies”

Jason Puskar
English, UW-Milwaukee
“On the Button: Human Agency and the Binary Switch”

Kimberley Reilly
Democracy and Justice Studies; History; Women’s and Gender Studies, UW-Green Bay
“Reconstructing Love: Marriage in U.S. Law and Culture, 1870-1920”


Solmsen Fellows

Tina Chronopoulos
Classical and Near Eastern Studies, Binghamton University, State University of New York
“The Voices of Ganymede: Latin Homoerotics from Medieval Europe”

David Ebrey
Philosophy, Northwestern University
“Plato’s Phaedo: The Initiation of a Philosopher”

Samantha Herrick
History, Syracuse University
“Networks of Shared Imagination: Apostolic Legends in Medieval Europe”

Marjorie Plummer
History, Western Kentucky University
“Stripping the Veil: The Protestant Nun and Experiments in Coexistence in Early Modern Germany”

Jennifer Row
Romance Studies, Boston University
“Queer Velocities: The Birth of Chronobiopolitics on the Early Modern Stage” 


Kingdon Fellows

Sidnie Crawford
Classics and Religious Studies, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
“Scribes, Scrolls and Scripture: The Story of Qumran”

Anne Stiles
English, Saint Louis University
“Recovering the New Thought Novel: How a Forgotten Literary Genre Changed Psychology and Popular Culture”


IRH Honorary Fellows

Ayelet Ben-Yishai
English Language and Literature, University of Haifa
“The Persistence of Realism in the South Asian Novel in English”

Dan Crawford
Classical and Religious Studies, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
“The Idea of Redemption in William James’ Varieties of Religious Experience”

Devaleena Das
Women’s and Gender Studies, UW-Whitewater
“Body Parts and Bodily Integrity: Twentieth Century Feminist Art, Music, and Literature”

Max Harris
Independent Scholar
“Christ on a Donkey: Palm Sunday, Processional Theater, and Blasphemous Pageants”

Yumi Lee
Asian American Studies, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
“Someone Else’s War: Korea and the Post-1945 U.S. Racial Order”

Semsettin Tabur
Intercultural Anglophone Studies, University of Bayreuth, Germany
“Reading For Space: Contested Spaces in Contemporary North American Novels”