New and Returning IRH Fellows for 2018-2019

Senior Fellows


  • Guillermina De Ferrari. Spanish and Portuguese, UW-Madison. Community under Duress: Moral Luck and the Caribbean Novel
  • Lea Jacobs. Communication Arts, UW-Madison. John Ford in the Hollywood Studio System: Case Studies from the Sound Period


  • Steven Hutchinson. Spanish and Portuguese, UW-Madison. Imagining Africa: Early Modern Iberian Textual Cartographies
  • Stephen Kantrowitz. History, UW-Madison. Citizenship and Civilization: A Ho-Chunk History
  • Lawrence Shapiro. Philosophy, UW-Madison. Abusing Science: How Scientists and Christians have Misused Science to Answer the Big Questions
  • Cherene Sherrard-Johnson. (Race, Ethnicity, and Indigeneity Senior Fellow.) Sally Mead Hands-Bascom Professor of English, UW-Madison. Mapping Blackness: An Intimate Cartography of the Archipelagic Diaspora

UW Resident Fellows

  • Mercedes Alcalá-Galán. Spanish and Portuguese, UW-Madison. Writing the Museum: Pictorial Imagination in Baroque Fiction and Art of the Spanish Empire
  • Jeffrey Beneker. Classical and Ancient Near Eastern Studies, UW-Madison. A Life Too Long: A Biography of Pompey the Great
  • Hannah V. Eldridge. German, Nordic, and Slavic, UW-Madison. The Claims of Meter: 1750, 1870, 1990
  • Judd C. Kinzley. History, UW-Madison. Arms for Ores: China and the Making of an American Foreign Aid Regime, 1941-1949
  • Leonora Neville. John W. and Jeanne M. Rowe Professor of Byzantine History and Vilas Distinguished Achievement Professor, History; Classical and Ancient Near Eastern Studies, UW-Madison. Change in Civic Religion of the Medieval Roman Empire
  • Pamela Potter. German, Nordic, and Slavic, UW-Madison; Director, Center for German and European Studies. Music Metropolis Berlin, 1880-1961
  • Florence Vatan. French and Italian, UW-Madison. Transfers of Knowledge: Gestalt Psychology and its Repercussions in France

UW Race, Ethnicity, and Indigeneity Fellows

  • Falina Enriquez. Anthropology, UW-Madison. Music and Multicultural Branding in Recife, Brazil
  • Damon Sajnani. African Cultural Studies, UW-Madison. The African Hip Hop Movement: Youth Culture and Democracy in Senegal 
  • Rachelle Winkle-Wagner. Educational Leadership and Policy Analysis, UW-Madison. The Unchosen Me: Institutionally Imposed Identity and Women’s College Experiences

Solmsen Fellows

  • Sarah Crover. English, University of British Columbia. Watermen, Petermen, and Mermaids: Creatures of Conversion
  • Paul-Alexis Mellet. History, University of Tours; Center for Renaissance Studies (CESR). Circumventing the Violence – Remonstrances as a Means of Negotiation and Resistance during the European Civil Wars between 1550 and 1650 (France, the Low Countries, England)
  • Giorgio Pini. Philosophy, Fordham University. Investigations into Duns Scotus’s Metaphysics
  • Sonia Velázquez. Religious Studies; Comparative Literature, Indiana University-Bloomington. Promiscuous Grace: Rethinking Beauty and Holiness with Saint Mary of Egypt

Kingdon Fellows

  • Alexander Bar-Magen. Prehistoria y Arqueología, Universidad Autónoma de Madrid. Material Interactions between Byzantine Jews and Christians in Spania and the Balearic Islands (5th-6th Centuries CE)
  • Zachary Purvis. School of Divinity, University of Edinburgh. Philip Melanchthon and Modern Germany: The Reinvention of the Reformation in the Nineteenth Century

Dissertation Fellows

Dana-Allen Dissertation Fellows

  • Jessica Cooley. Art History, UW-Madison. Crip Materiality: Disability, Plasticity, and the Art Institution after the Americans with Disabilities Act
  • Lu Liu. Asian Languages and Cultures, UW-Madison. Away/With the Pest: Hygienic Visuality, Grassroots Science, and Interspecies Encounters in China, 1930s-1980s
  • Isidora Miranda. Mead Witter School of Music, UW-Madison. Dissonant Voices: Music and Identity in the Tagalog Zarzuelas of Manila, 1902-1942
  • Katherine M. Robiadek. Political Science, UW-Madison. A Renaissance of Imagination: Lessons from Early Modern Political Thought on Creativity’s Role in Democracy Today

A.W. Mellon/ACLS Dissertation Completion Fellow

  • Elsa Noterman. Geography, UW-Madison. Vacant Geographies: (Dis)possession, Resistance, and Speculative Futures in Philadelphia’s Abandoned Properties

UW System Fellows

  • Jacquelyn Arcy. Communication, UW-Parkside. Feminized Convergence: Women’s Television in the Digital Age
  • Richard A. Grusin. English, UW-Milwaukee; Director, Center for 21st Century Studies. Datamediation
  • Edward Schmitt, History, UW-Parkside. Standup, Cowboy, Mystic: The Insurgent Life of Dick Gregory
  • Robert Arthur Wilkie. English, UW-La Crosse. Bionetworks and the Ontological Turn: Aleatory Materialism and the Making of the Geohumanities

Honorary Fellows

  • Hall BjørnstadFrench and Italian, Indiana University-Bloomington. The Crowning Example: Louis XIV and the Crisis of Royal Exemplarity
  • Benjamin Marquez. Political Science, UW-Madison. Race, Philanthropy, and Identity: The Mexican American Legal Defense and Educational Fund
  • Ella Tobin Mershon. English, UW-Madison. Passing Forms: Decay and the Making of Victorian Culture
  • Keren Omry. English Language and Literature, University of Haifa. Slipping Sideways; Or, Alternate Histories, Contemporaneity, and the Practice of Digital Posthumanities
  • Jonathan Pollack. History, Madison Area Technical College; Honorary Scholar, George L. Moss/Laurence A. Weinstein Center for Jewish Studies. Success from Scrap and Second-hand Goods: Jewish Business in the Midwest, 1890-1930
  • Timothy Yu. English; Asian American Studies, UW-Madison. Diasporic Poetics: Asian writing in the United States, Canada, and Australia