Full List of Incoming IRH Fellows 2022-2023

IRH Director Steven Nadler is pleased to announce the full cohort of incoming and returning IRH Fellows for the 2022-2023 academic year. Later in the summer, IRH will be sharing information on each fellow’s project.

Senior Fellows

  • Guillermina De Ferrari (Spanish and Portuguese, UW–Madison), “Community under Duress: Moral Luck and Caribbean Culture”
  • Daniel J. Kapust (Political Science, UW–Madison), “The Tragedy of the Imperial Republic: Narrative, Exceptionalism, and the Fate of Republican Self-Rule”
  • B. Venkat Mani (Race, Ethnicity, and Indigeneity Senior Fellow) (German, Nordic, Slavic, UW–Madison), “No Forwarding Address: The Global Novel in the Age of Refugees”
  • Laura McClure (Classical and Ancient Near Eastern Studies, UW–Madison), “Re-imaging the Chorus: Jane Ellen Harrison, Virginia Woolf, H.D., and Greek Tragedy”
  • Jennifer Ratner-Rosenhagen (History, UW–Madison), “The American Ways of Wisdom”
  • Francine Hirsch (History, UW–Madison), “Enemies, A Love Story: An Entangled History of Russia and America”
  • Mario Ortiz-Robles (English, UW–Madison), “Future Anterior: How Nineteenth-Century Institutions Framed the Future of Animals”
  • Anne C. Vila (French and Italian, UW–Madison), “Convulsive Enlightenment: Lives and Afterlives of the Convulsionnaires in French Culture and Theory (18th to 21st Centuries)”

Race, Ethnicity, and Indigeneity (REI) Fellows:

  • Katherine Jensen (Sociology; International Studies, UW–Madison), “The Color of Asylum: The Racial Politics of Safe Haven in Brazil”
  • Brenda Gayle Plummer (History; Afro-American Studies, UW–Madison), “Jim Crow Flies”

Resident Fellows:

  • Anna Vemer Andrzejewski (Art History, UW–Madison), “Building Paradise: The Creation of South Florida’s White, Middle-Class Retirement and Vacation Landscape”
  • Mou Banerjee (History, UW–Madison), “Strange Intimacies: Changing perceptions of Afghanistan in the South Asian Imaginary, 1816-1930”
  • Jacqueline-Bethel Mougoué (African Cultural Studies, UW–Madison), “Diasporas in Africa”
  • Adam Y. Stern (German, Nordic, and Slavic+, UW–Madison), “No Hands: An Archaeology of Emancipation”

Biruté Ciplijauskaité Fellow in Spanish Literature of the Iberian Peninsula 2022-2023:

  • Luis F. Bernabé Pons (Arabic and Islamic Studies, University of Alicante), “Literature of (With, By, For, and With Regard To) The Moriscos”
  • Carolyn Nadeau (World Languages, Literatures, and Cultures, Illinois Wesleyan University) “Artistic Voices of the Columbian Exchange”

Kingdon Fellows:

  • Jaime M. Pensado (History, University of Notre Dame), “The German Connection in the Inter-American Cold War: Adveniat and the Radicalization of Latin American Catholic Students during the Global Sixties”
  • Nicole Pulichene (Mellon Postdoctoral Fellow, Metropolitan Museum of Art), “One Whose Name was Writ in Wax:’ Reflections on the Medieval Reuse of Consular Diptychs”

Solmsen Fellows:

  • David R. Como (History, Stanford University), “New Model Politics: Armies, Regicide, and the English Revolution”
  • Randall Pippenger (Paul Mellon/Andrew W. Mellon Foundation Rome Prize Fellow, American Academy in Rome), “Left Behind: Veterans, Widows, and Orphans in the Era of the Crusades”
  • Jeanne-Nicole Mellon Saint-Laurent (Theology, Marquette University), “The Temple of the Greedy Belly: Gluttony’s Tale”
  • Justin Steinberg (Philosophy, CUNY Graduate Center; Brooklyn College (CUNY)), “Spinoza’s Moral Psychology: An Interpretation and Defense “

American Council of Learned Societies (ACLS) Postdoctoral Fellow in Race, Ethnicity, and Indigeneity:

  • Barbara Roberta Galindo Rodrigues Marcos (Department of Spanish and Portuguese, University of California, Los Angeles), “Orphan Lives, Tortured Cities, and Ecosocial Human Rights: Cultural Representations of Mining Terror in the Andes”

UW-System Fellows:

  • Jennifer Jordan (Sociology, University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee), “Before Craft Beer: Lost Landscapes of Forgotten Hops”
  • Rebecca Nesvet (Humanities, University of Wisconsin–Green Bay), “Blood Relations: James Malcolm Rymer, Penny Fiction, and the Family”
  • Aragorn Quinn (Foreign Languages and Literature, University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee), “Avatar: Disembodied Performance in Modern Japan”
  • Shan J. Sappleton (Criminal Justice and Social Sciences, University of Wisconsin–Platteville), “Beyond Formal Institutions: Ethnic Politicization in sub-Saharan Africa—a Comparative Perspective”

Dana-Allen Dissertation Fellows:

  • Young Kim (Art History, UW–Madison), “Imaging Auspiciousness in High Qing China”
  • Charlotte Whatley (History, UW–Madison), “Property and Power: Legal Performance and Legitimacy in the Reign of Edward III”

American Council of Learned Societies (ACLS) Postdoctoral Fellow Resident:

  • Aisha Motlani (Art History, Theory and Criticism, School of the Art Institute of Chicago), “Darshan and Disenchantment: Painting Worship in India, 1861-1947”

Honorary Fellows:

  • Agata Fijalkowski (Leeds Law School, Leeds Beckett University), “Visual Imagery of the War Crimes Trials in Poland, 1944-1948”
  • Helen M. Kinsella (Department of Political Science, University of Minnesota, Twin Cities), “Settler Empire and the Laws of War”
  • Adrian McClure (Ph.D., Medieval Literature, Purdue University), “Haunted by Heresy: The Perlesvaus, Medieval Antisemitism, and the Trauma of the Albigensian Crusade”
  • Simon P. Newman (School of Humanities, University of Glasgow), “The Invention of Runaway Slaves in the Seventeenth Century English Atlantic World”
  • Barbara Obrist (Centre national de la recherche scientifique (Laboratoire SPHERE, Sciences, Philosophie, Histoire), Université Paris Diderot) “A History of Twelfth-Century Cosmology”
  • Justine Walden (History, UW–Madison), “What Price Souls: Race and Religion from the Mediterranean to the Atlantic” and “Naming Race in the Renaissance”

Emeritus Fellow:

  • Max Harris (Independent Scholar), “Battling Demons: The Temptation of Antony in Art, Theater, Fiction, Film, and Fiestas”