Lew-Williams, Beth

The Chinese Must Go: Immigration, Violence and Deportation in the 19th-Century Pacific Northwest

Loveman, Mara

The Naturalization of Social Divides: Towards a New Sociology Race

Merz, Kate

Imperial India on Trial: Crime, Punishment, and Colonialism, 1880-1940

Mickenberg, Julia

The New Woman Tries on Red: Russia in the American Feminist Imagination, 1905-1945

Morgan, David

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Murray, Julia K.

Mysteries of Kongzhai: Relic, Representation, and Ritual at a Shrine to Confucius

Netzloff, Mark

Beyond the State: The Writings of English State Agents in Early Modern Europe

Obrist, Barbara

La cosmologie médiévale. Textes et images II: le XIIe siècle

Olaniyan, Tejumola

Enchanting Modernity: A Cultural Biography of the Postcolonial African State