Mellet, Paul-Alexis

Circumventing the Violence – Remonstrances as a Means of Negotiation and Resistance during the European Civil Wars between 1550 and 1650 (France, the Low Countries, England)

Miranda, Isidora

Dissonant Voices: Music and Identity in the Tagalog Zarzuelas of Manila, 1902-1942

Nadler, Steven

Steven Nadler has been teaching at the University of Wisconsin-Madison since 1988. He has been a Senior Fellow at the IRH (2013-2017), and twice a Resident Fellow…

Nair, Vijayanka

The State of the Individual: Biometrics, Politics, and the Common Man in India

Noterman, Elsa

Vacant Geographies: (Dis)possession, Resistance, and Speculative Futures in Philadelphia’s Abandoned Properties

Omry, Keren

Slipping Sideways; Or, Alternate Histories, Contemporaneity, and the Practice of Digital Posthumanities