Liu, Lu

Away/With the Pest: Biosocial Abjection and Subject Formation in China, 1930s-1980s

Llana Fernández, Ruth

Radical Alterities and Nonhuman Textualities: Critical Forms of Life in the Luso-Hispanic Literature

Mandelman, Adam

The Place With No Edge: Boundaries and Permeability in the Mississippi River Delta, 1845-2010

Mazza, Eugenia

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Merz, Kate

Imperial India on Trial: Crime, Punishment, and Colonialism, 1880-1940

Miranda, Isidora

Dissonant Voices: Music and Identity in the Tagalog Zarzuelas of Manila, 1902-1942

Palzom-Pasha, Karma

Political Transformations in the Tibetan Freedom Movement: Resettlement and Political Activism in the United States

Pierce, Stephen

Charity, Cosmopolitanism and Culture in coastal East Africa, 1750s to 1940s

Poor, Galen

The Four Great Inventions: A Global History of Modern China

Powell, Amy

Time after Modernism: Postcoloniality in Contemporary Art