Mansky, Joseph

Seeds of Sedition: Libels, Plays, and the Early Modern Public Sphere

McClure, Laura

Re-imaging the Chorus: Jane Ellen Harrison, Virginia Woolf, H.D., and Greek Tragedy

McGarr, Kathryn

The Washington Consensus: Journalism and the Making of the Postwar World Order

McGuigan, John

The Impractical Anarchist: James Joyce and the Aesthetics of Autonomy

Menzel, Annie

Birthing Paradox: Race, Colonization, and Radicalism in U.S. Midwifery

Moorman, Rebecca

Engrossing the Reader: Delight and Disgust in Latin Literature

Nadler, Steven

Steven Nadler has been teaching at the University of Wisconsin-Madison since 1988. He has been a Senior Fellow at the IRH (2013-2017), and twice a Resident Fellow…

Nair, Vijayanka

The State of the Individual: Biometrics, Politics, and the Common Man in India

Newman, Simon P.

The Invention of Runaway Slaves in the Seventeenth Century English Atlantic World