IRH Fellows Meet at Renaissance Society of America Conference

Julia Dominguez, Katie Reinhart, Kat Leck and Lizzie Neary smile at camera during RSA conference. Former and current IRH fellows showcased their groundbreaking research at the Renaissance Society of America Conference, held from March 21–23, 2024, at the prestigious Palmer House Hilton in Chicago, IL. The fellows in attendance were Mercedes Alcalá Galán (Senior Open-Topic Fellow, 2023-2027), Julia Dominguez (Ciplijauskaité Fellow, 2021-2022), Daniel J. Kapust (Senior Fellow, 2019-2023), Ana María Laguna (Biruté Ciplijauskaité Fellow, 2020-2021), Katarzyna/Kat Lecky (Solmsen Fellow, 2021-2022), Carolyn A. Nadeau (Biruté Ciplijauskaité Fellow, 2022-2023), James Pilgrim (Solmsen Fellow, 2021-2022), Katherine M. Reinhart (Solmsen Fellow, 2020-2021), Katherine M. Robiadek (Dana-Allen Dissertation Fellow, 2018-2019) Tanya J. Tiffany (UW System Fellow, 2020-2021), and current IRH Project Assistant Elizabeth Neary.

Their participation underscores the vibrant exchange of ideas within our scholarly community. Congratulations to all for their outstanding contributions!